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Where do we go now Lord?

When the twilights lengthening shadows have become piercing and unforgiving darkness – where do we go now Lord? When the songs of the mother and child turn from rock-a-bye baby lullaby to grievous lament – where do we go now Lord? When the prayers of the young healthy man feel singularly small, lost and hapless… Read More »

With Great Sadness…

It is with huge sorrow that we learn of the local death of Police Community Support Officer Julia James. Our thoughts and prayers are particularly with those who knew her, her family, friends, and colleagues. Her death demonstrates just how much work we have to do to build happy, safe communities; to live alongside each… Read More »

Healing through painting

My young daughter wanted to paint during half-term, so we sat at our kitchen table with paper, brushes and paints. Together, as if suspended in time, we focused on our projects. I wanted mine to be a prayer, and I did not even know the reason I chose what I chose to paint and which… Read More »

A Life of Daily Prayer – New audio version

MP3 recordings of the Daily Prayers are now available. If you would like to pray with us, the text is available to read online at “A Life of Daily Prayer” along with recordings made by our chaplains.A pdf is available here to download. If you would like to listen offline to the read prayers then… Read More »

A national call to prayer

Sunday March 22nd Mothers Day has been declared a National Day of Prayer – light a candle and place it in your window at 7pm as a sign, Jesus is the light of the world, and the darkness cannot comprehend Him….

Prayer Cycle

For those of you who have enjoyed using the prayer cycle during January, thank you for praying with us. If you want to continue, or access it for the first time do so from our website or you can purchase a hard copy. The joy of prayer is that God responds, He is always present,… Read More »