The Living Well is the Canterbury Diocesan Centre for Healing and Wholeness.  It is based at Nonington, near Canterbury.  It is a non-residential centre.

We believe that the only name in heaven and earth for healing and wholeness is Jesus Christ.  We aim to provide a safe place where people can experience the healing love of Christ, offering prayer ministry in Jesus’ name with a focus on bringing Christ’s healing love to those in need.

(There would normally be a service of healing every Tuesday and Thursday at 10.30 am during which there is always an opportunity to receive prayer ministry for yourself, or someone else about whom you are concerned.  Coffee is served after the service and all are welcome.)

We  also offer Deeper Healing Days and Quiet Days.  Click here for details of our annual programme, daily retreats, training and support we can offer.

Please note that some of our normal activities have been suspended please check back soon for updates.

Our chaplain is also Diocesan Advisor in Healing and Wholeness.

 Assistance with praying