Our Vision & Values


Our Vision

Our vision is to see that all whom we welcome encounter Christ, in an individually appropriate, person-centred, and safe manner.

Our vision is to see and discover the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ in our lives and sense and receive the presence of the Holy Spirit who comes to heal, refresh, restore and make whole.

Our vision is that this encounter will be a place of personal and corporate growth causing us all to flourish in the love of God.


Our Values

Person – that all human beings have a place within God’s heart. Each one of us has a right to be heard, noticed and valued within society; each one has a belonging and purpose within Christian community.

People matter and are valued by The Living Well Chaplaincy, Staff, Trustees and Wider Team.

Place – the peaceful, rural location of the property and grounds that is known as The Living Well and its call to support Christ’s healing ministry within the Diocese of Canterbury is fundamental to who we are and how we are. The Place matters.

Presence the ministry of Christ Jesus to bring healing and wholeness to individuals is Spirit led. We thank God daily for His enabling Holy Spirit without which we can do nothing. The Presence of God is prayerfully sought and fundamental to our offering in and beyond this place.

Purpose – that we are specifically called to bring welcome, help and hope in Jesus name to all whom we receive as guests, engage in parishes, and encounter unexpectedly; we are called to share that offering at The Living Well in Nonington and by invitation and our own initiation to teach, encourage and minister across the Diocese of Canterbury, with the specific focus on healing and wholeness; building capacity within the churches for this ministry. This is our particular Purpose.

LAH October 2023