Praying the labyrinth

A labyrinth is different to a maze – there are no dead ends or misleading paths. A labyrinth has one path which as long as you ‘stick to the path’ will lead you to the centre – albeit the journey may take you in unexpected directions as you prayerfully walk it. Sometimes it will seem… Read More »

Breathe resurrection

Breathe Life.Breathe Transformation.Breathe Resurrection.   Breathe – we don’t always know what it is we do! A small gesture can be life giving to another.A small gesture on the surface can bring huge amounts of change underneath thesurface….We cannot always, and often do not, see, in what ways our actions may be helpingothers.Our call is… Read More »

New assistant chaplain

Dear All, Praying for a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year, with all the blessings of heaven touching earth in the birth of the Christ child! Our latest piece of news…. Helen Jones, our new assistant lay chaplain, will join the core team in Nonington from late January. Helen is a committed Christian who… Read More »

New College of Honorary Canons

On Sunday 19th November a number of new lay and ordained Honorary Canons were installed at Canterbury Cathedral including Lorraine our chaplain. The Canons represent a variety of ministries, chaplaincies and initiatives across the diocese and will look forward to learning more about their role as ambassadors and members of the cathedral chapter….. Link to… Read More »


Dear All,This year has been one of many changes for us at The Living Well, some small, tiny, some much more noticeable, some hidden, some overt – I guess this is so for all of us if we look back over our past year there are always changes occuring. Changes can be exciting; too much… Read More »