Prayer Support
Would you like prayer support for yourself or someone else? If so, please contact us and we will inform our prayer companions who will then pray for you. Your prayer requests will remain totally confidential to the members of the Prayer Chain.

Code of Practice
Please ask the person for whom you are requesting prayer if they are willing to have their details (including how much detail) placed on an email chain. If this is inappropriate, please do not use names and also make the request general enough that specifics cannot be identified. Please indicate that you have checked about this when you send in your request.

It would also be a great encouragement to the Prayer Companions to hear about some of your answered prayers.


Download the prayer as a pdf

A Life of Daily Prayer

BlackhouseThe purpose of prayer is to go to our ‘quiet place’ and punctuate our day with God; to realign ourselves with His goodness and ask for His help for ourselves and others in prayer.

These prayers provide flexibility to use them in a manner that suits you, uniting us individually and corporately across erratic and busy lives.

If you would like to pray with us, the text is available to read online “A Life of Daily Prayer”    along with recordings made by our chaplains.
A pdf is available here to download. The complete audio version is available as a zip file here, (right click and select “save as”). The individual readings with introductions are available to download as follows.

Morning Prayer read by Lorraine Apps-Huggins
Midday Prayer read by Hilary Hills
Evening Prayer read by Ray Horton
Night Prayer read by Annelise Matharu
Downloadable as a zip file here  (right click and select “save as”)

Hymns and Songs reproduced under CCLI 1175122

A suggested monthly cycle of scripture and prayer can be downloaded as a pdf here:

2024 Monthly Bible Cycle and 2024 Monthly Prayer Cycle.

Thank you for praying with us.

If you are using these in a group, select one person to facilitate. Songs and scripture can be specifically chosen and added for the day.