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We know that much of our ministry at The Living Well is personal and discreet, however if you felt like sharing your experience of being with us either on retreat or for listening & healing prayer please do send in your responses and we will add them to our website and Facebook pages,
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This poem was written during Lent as we considered the woman who poured the expensive oil upon Jesus’ feet…

Was I wrong
Inspired by Matthew ch 26 v 1-13

Lord I’m sorry if I did wrong
I only did it for you
For you haven’t got long
For the Fathers Will to do

Lord I wanted to show to you
My depth of love and care
I used the oil with good intentions
Lord I thought it right to share

Lord you’ve given me so much
Of all I have achieved
The people who know of my past
Would find it so hard to believe

For Lord is that not what you teach
To learn, live and move on
To forgive and to let go
So one and all may belong

Karen Washington
March 2024

The Refreshment Day ‘does what it says on tin’ and I feel spiritually and physically refreshed…

Daisy Chain poem

Said Naomi to Ruth
Ruth, my life is more bitter
More bitter than yours
Yours is to grow
To grow and to go
To go where God leads
Leads your heart and your soul.
Soul-mates are we, said she
Said she to her mother-in-law
Mother and daughter, in law
In law, but free in their love and embracing
Embracing God in their journeying
Their journeying, both bitter and sweet.

Sweet is our sharing
Our sharing is sweet
Sweet is our caring
Our caring and daring, our daring in God.

Daring in God
My daring in God
In God, heart and soul
Heart and soul, it is well, it is good
It is good, it is well
It is well with my soul

Written by David Sims on The Quiet Day ‘Adventures in Prayer’ led by Liz Jennings and Lesley Davis, based on Ruth Chapter 1:1-17 26/3/2022

The Living Well
Peace: Peace: I’ve heard it tell
Can be found at the Living Well.
In the heart of Southeast Kent
Where many a happy hour be spent
Relaxing in a spiritually quiet life
Away from all worldly strife.
I went one day to see for myself
Found it great for my spiritual health
The service that day was quietly done
With a lovely talk on the “Prodigal Son”.
Other things are there to do
Places in quiet reflection one or two
Can be together and share a thought
About some Truth our Saviour taught.
A time for prayer; a time for tea
A truly pleasant place to be.
Kenny (March 2022)

Written on 27 September 2021 at The Living Well Quiet Day
with Joy Spencer: ‘The Gift of Music to Quieten and Restore the Soul’

Living Well is a sacred place which helps me fix my eyes on Jesus whatever storms of life I’m going through. It is a place to celebrate God’s goodness and healing. The team always bring God’s presence nearer.

…. my thanks for the blessing of my prayer session ….
I felt calmer and peaceful…. I was aware of Healing taking place. I was listened to. Key points came up for me voiced by those praying…. I felt affirmed and cared for. It was lovely too sitting in the hut overlooking the farmland, very peaceful.
With thanks and blessings to you all