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Praying the labyrinth

A labyrinth is different to a maze – there are no dead ends or misleading paths. A labyrinth has one path which as long as you ‘stick to the path’ will lead you to the centre – albeit the journey may take you in unexpected directions as you prayerfully walk it. Sometimes it will seem… Read More »

Breathe resurrection

Breathe Life.Breathe Transformation.Breathe Resurrection.   Breathe – we don’t always know what it is we do! A small gesture can be life giving to another.A small gesture on the surface can bring huge amounts of change underneath thesurface….We cannot always, and often do not, see, in what ways our actions may be helpingothers.Our call is… Read More »

Enjoying God **POSTPONED**

  Due to bereavement Roz’s Quiet day is being postponed. A Quiet Day with Roz Graham We will be enjoying God in Community, in Creation, silence, fellowship, giving and simplicity, prayer and scripture, worship.There is a suggested donation of £25 which includes lunch and refreshments. Download the flyer ~ Book via Eventbrite