It is all about relationship – with ourselves, with each other, and with God.

By | 7th September 2020

As humans we hopefully grow into the wider picture.

A baby starts with thoughts of itself only – hunger, tiredness, pain, pleasure; even the coos and smiles of a parent are for the baby and it’s own experience of pleasure at this point.

We grow and hopefully learn that what we do and say has an impact on others. If we are nurtured well we realise that living and being with others is most beneficial when we are not unkind to each other. When we respect others. Even love others.

When we fail to do a good job on respecting or loving others as we surely will at some point (or lots of points) we often return to thoughts of ourselves. When we are aware that we have hurt somebody we temporarily withdraw into our selves – introspection.

We may defend ourselves, we may blame ourselves, we may berate our failures, we may lose courage and confidence in our relationships…our self-analysis is not always helpful.

However, this returning to the self is necessary in failure as long as it does not become our permanent hiding place or abode. That danger is that we become less than we can be, we become smaller and instead of growing through the experience into the wider picture we allow our world, ourselves, our relationships to diminish instead, because of failure.

Returning to the self in failure is necessary so that we may grow, reflect upon what went wrong, be honest with ourselves and with God Think about how we might have done it differently. We make our confession to ourselves, to God, we may need to cry, to make apology, to repent – a big word but it simply means to decide to do things differently, to turn it around. It is in repentance that the forgiveness and freedom of God comes and liberates us.

And then we need to be able to try again – this is how all horizons widen, how all learning comes about. The baby learnt that smiling feels good through the smiles of the parent…and so it copied…

Once we see that the HUGE Wider Picture – the panorama, the biblical story, and we see how it includes a story of human endeavour and adventure, failure and forgiveness, shedding of unwanted old stuff and the picking up of fresh new ideas, with an accompanying God found in resurrected Jesus; once we see that Wider Picture we are less likely to withdraw to a small place and more likely to embrace the broad space….in which we can live and move and have our being. (Acts 17:28).

God has offered us a way out, a way through, a way beyond our failures and failed relationships… we pray expand us Lord, teach us to be reflective, but don’t let us stay in our introspection…breathe life into our recovery and open our eyes to the wider possibilities in YOU! Amen.

Rev. Lorraine Apps -Huggins.

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