Daisy Chain poem

By | 1st April 2022

Said Naomi to Ruth
Ruth, my life is more bitter
More bitter than yours
Yours is to grow
To grow and to go
To go where God leads
Leads your heart and your soul.
Soul-mates are we, said she
Said she to her mother-in-law
Mother and daughter, in law
In law, but free in their love and embracing
Embracing God in their journeying
Their journeying, both bitter and sweet.

Sweet is our sharing
Our sharing is sweet
Sweet is our caring
Our caring and daring, our daring in God.

Daring in God
My daring in God
In God, heart and soul
Heart and soul, it is well, it is good
It is good, it is well
It is well with my soul

Written by David Sims on The Quiet Day ‘Adventures in Prayer’ led by Liz Jennings and Lesley Davis, based on Ruth Chapter 1:1-17 26/3/2022