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Creative Arts – 6th May

The sun shone brilliantly as Rev. Denise Critchell led a Quiet Day entitled Listening to God through Creative Arts. Here are a few photos of the created pieces….it was a joy to feel the Spirit of God moving freely in the garden, the chapel, and the whole house throughout the day! Thank you everyone for contributing…..’… Read More »

Daisy Chain poem

Said Naomi to RuthRuth, my life is more bitterMore bitter than yoursYours is to growTo grow and to goTo go where God leadsLeads your heart and your soul.Soul-mates are we, said sheSaid she to her mother-in-lawMother and daughter, in lawIn law, but free in their love and embracingEmbracing God in their journeyingTheir journeying, both bitter… Read More »

Seeing In The Dark – 13th November

Life is joyful, beautiful and a rich blessing, but also sometimes difficult, painful and mysterious. This day will draw on imagery from the Christian spiritual tradition to explore the part struggle plays within our growth and our experience of God, with insights from the writings of John of the Cross, Julian of Norwich, George Herbert… Read More »

A Virtual Quiet Morning 25th Jan.

Please book through Eventbrite or contact the administrator to receive the Zoom Link by email.We ask for a donation of £10 for this day or £11.37 if booked online.