2022 programme released

By | 27th October 2021
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Dear All,

Welcome to The Living Well programme for 2022. We have been learning in the past two years to ‘let go’ of some things and to take up some new ideas… We are excited that we plan to receive a 4th cabin in the Spring – our (heated) outdoor spaces are so valuable for those on personal retreat or when we are facilitating a group and they allow for prayer and reflection to take place in various separate spaces. Two of our cabins face the garden with labyrinth, seating, and rose garden, and the new one will join with another to face the view across the fields.

One new idea is to include 2 Anna Chaplaincy retreat days in the programme, alongside our Clergy Oasis and Readers Refreshments Days (see dates on the last page). On Thursday morning we hold worship offering healing prayer throughout the year (except Easter & Christmas closure) and this can be attended without booking – the service begins at 10.30am but you can arrive from 10am, there is plenty of parking. Currently on the first Thursday of the month we offer this service on a Zoom link if you are unable to be with us in person during the winter months – please contact us for the link. Our Prayer Appointments will continue and these booked appointments are also available online if requested. Our monthly Deeper Healing Days similarly offer supportive listening and healing prayer for past or present needs as an additional focused source of help to those who are making a personal journey of revelation, healing and recovery in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Over 2020 and 2021 we introduced a Week of Prayer in the month, when we take no bookings and allow for house rest, team engagement and prayer to be our focus for the week so that we can serve well with a sense of prayerful rhythm, ebb and flow. A Life of Daily Prayer written with simplicity and specifically with our ministry in mind can be found on our website, you are welcome to join us dispersed as we are in prayer.

We welcome you as friend, we are not concerned with how ‘strong’ your faith is or how you ‘arrive’ – we are just hopeful in Christ that the ministry of The Living Well will continue to bless, encourage, comfort, serve and inspire you. We look forward to seeing you in the year ahead, either at Nonington or when we are out and about with you in the diocese…

May His Peace that surpasses all understanding be Our Peace.