By | 2nd June 2023

So the Lord must wait for you to come to him
    so he can show you his love and compassion.
For the Lord is a faithful God.
    Blessed are those who wait for his help.

Isaiah 30:18

Sometimes it feels like it is all a waiting game in this life – waiting for things to improve, waiting for dreams to come true, waiting for justice, waiting for the queue to subside, waiting for someone to notice you, waiting for health to return, waiting for the enlightenment you caught sight of once to come into full view – waiting, waiting, waiting at many differing levels.

This scripture from the Old Testament Prophet Isaiah is speaking originally to the people of Israel whose own stubbornness was keeping them from turning to the Lord their God who was also waiting, waiting for them to come to Him. We have a patient and waiting God. A God who knows about waiting.

God never forces Himself upon us, He waits for our gesture of return, for our faithfulness to be stirred, for our simplistic indication of hope to be employed once more.

And as we make that gesture a stunning exchange takes place, the One who has been waiting faithfully pours out His love and compassion upon us – no wagging finger or words of chastisement, simply and unreservedly love, compassion and blessing stream forth.

The photographic image is captured by our warden Steve, it’s a canvas that hangs in Kairos, one of our Garden Cabins. There is a soft light coming from a milky sun reflecting across a stretch of water. At first sight this misty and gentle image does not reveal much, but as you take time, wait and engage more fully with the image you see the ripples appearing on the water, you see the fir trees in the distance mapping out the edge of the shore, you see the salmon pink light, pale and reflected from the low-level sun across the gently moving waters.

Now apply this to the promise of the God who waits for us to come to Him, whose goodness is then reflected in us, we can mirror Him, with whom we can become one and find that in the waiting process, in the giving of ourselves, in the liminal moments there can be great synergy, sympathy and peace within.

There is an invitation to you to our Garden Cabins over this summer season for a day of retreat, a welcome and provision of a haven with an opportunity to find once more the One who is waiting patiently for you. To bless you.

With prayer,