Our 2023 programme is online

By | 29th September 2022

Click here to download the pdf of our 2023 Programme

Dear All,
Looking ahead includes some new ventures for us at The Living Well as we greet 2023! We are offering 2 short courses over the year. Five sessions each, allowing for group ministry with learning, sharing, discussion and prayer on the subjects of trauma and of healing and wholeness.
Navigating Trauma will be run before Easter and Christ’s Healing & Wholeness before the summer holidays. Running these programmes in the first half of the year will allow us to run them again in the autumn if there is sufficient interest and energy! Each course will take approximately 10 guests. We are excited to be offering them as we seek to help individuals with their own healing and the care and healing of others. Please contact us for more information and to register your interest.
Our regular Thursday morning worship, deeper healing days, individual retreat, prayer appointments, quiet days with exciting themes embracing art, writing, study of modern days saints, and all sorts of other ‘goodies’ remain. Our willingness to meet bespoke needs for groups when we can is also still in place…
I am aware of the difficulties that we are all experiencing with the increase in living costs and hope that you will not be restricted by finances from attending anything that we offer at The Living Well. We can apply for bursaries, we can work with you on a suitable donation for your own means, we can be flexible – please ask us. I am also aware that there are difficulties reaching us in our rural location if you do not have a vehicle, or a friend who can bring you. It is possible to come by train to either Snowdon or Aylesham station and from there some of our guests have happily walked the country paths which might take 20 or 30 minutes, but realistically a short 5 minute taxi drive is probably better. Our local taxi firms are helpful and know us – so again do ask us about this kind of travel.
It is a wonderful thing to plan and set some goals for the year ahead for the ministry of The Living Well, I hope we will all benefit. Yet it is a greater thing to lay those plans before God and admit that without Him, without His presence with us, without His love working in us it all becomes just ‘good’ and what we really want is for it to be enlivened – filled with Father, Son and Holy Spirit; filled to full measure, pressed down and overflowing with love (Luke 6:38); filled with grace, mercy and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ (2 John 1:30) – to these hopes and prayers we say Yes and Amen! You are very welcome as we share in this life of faith together – whatever that
looks like for you. May every blessing be yours as we look forward to seeing you.