January 2022

By | 26th January 2022

What a blessing it was to have Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin with us on Thursday 20th January in the chapel at The Living Well for the licensing of Rev. Rex Morton as assistant chaplain.

Sadly in the excitement I forgot to take a few photos – sorry!

Bishop Rose spoke on the passage from Isaiah 35 where the desert and parched land blossoms into new life – encouraging us to be fearless as we walk through our own deserts and wildernesses. And Bishop Rose noted that in our gospel reading Peter’s mother-in-law, who had been sick, once made well by Jesus began serving immediately. She was fully recovered, and she gave in grateful response. Like the desert that blossomed she gave of her best once restored….

We have plenty planned for the weeks ahead in our programme, and many of you have been booking in for individual retreats, prayer appointments and asking for parish group events. We love this and will do our best to serve you in the months ahead.

May each of us seek to go gently into this year. It has been noticeable how dry the desert has been for us all in recent times – but when we walk gently, we notice the dewdrops on pebbles and stones by our feet, we smell the change in the air as the new life of spring emerges, we hear the birdsong and the Spirit calling us into renewal.
When we go gently, we do not miss the parched land breaking into blossom….

Every springtime blessing be yours,