By | 21st November 2023

Dear All,
This year has been one of many changes for us at The Living Well, some small, tiny, some much more noticeable, some hidden, some overt – I guess this is so for all of us if we look back over our past year there are always changes occuring.
Changes can be exciting; too much change can be overwhelming; no change at all can be deadly dull!

At the end of this month Steve and Stella who have been with us four and a half years as Wardens are resigning their post to take up new posts in their local church, St George’s Deal, as caretaker and administrator respectively. They are very excited about these new posts and we rejoice with them as we know they have hoped for change, and they have been so patient in their waiting upon God’s plan for them.
They have served often behind the scenes or when we have all gone home: they have gardened, cleaned, stocked up, greeted retreatants, served coffee, maintained, supported musically, updated our website and social media, and Steve has put together numerous new chairs in the past year and decorated over the years. Stella has gifted us with her keyboard playing and says she would still like to come monthly to play – what a blessing! We will miss them. The whole team and the Trustees thank them heartily for their ministry.
They will still be in residence at The Living Well a little longer, but as the New Year comes we shall be looking for new wardens.
As you can see from above the role requires a variety of skills but particularly key is understanding the ministry that takes place at TLW, and the roles can be shaped according to the calling. If you are interested in knowing more about this/these roles please do ask a member of the chaplaincy: myself, Hilary or Ray.
We are advertising for assistant chaplaincy help as well at this time – again do contact us.
Please pray that as the changes occur we are all able to ‘live and move and have our being’ in the One who delights in ‘making all things new’ and that each of us shall find ‘all our paths are peace’.
Peace to you,