A Psalm

By | 9th December 2016

Recently a Quiet Day was held at The Living Well that looked at a selection of psalms.  Inspired by the event a member of the group sent in their own personal psalm and they have kindly given us permission to add it here:

Father God, creator God
Lift my being into Your wild and imaginative work.
Lift my eyes, focus my eyes on your fabulous world,
Hills, seas, land and sky.
Lift my being into your created people,Lift my eyes, focus my eyes on your created family.
Father, hold my eyes on their beauty;
And heal my eyes when they close on their needs,
Needs that you would want them to be fully opened to.
Bless You, creator maker and care taker,
You are almost too great
To be called Father,
And too loving to be called anything less.