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Creative Arts – 6th May

The sun shone brilliantly as Rev. Denise Critchell led a Quiet Day entitled Listening to God through Creative Arts. Here are a few photos of the created pieces….it was a joy to feel the Spirit of God moving freely in the garden, the chapel, and the whole house throughout the day! Thank you everyone for contributing…..’… Read More »


Professional counselling available for clergy and lay ministers through the Diocesan Counselling Team, contact details here.

Easter – Highs and Lows

Dear All, The events of the first Easter bring us to inner places of shock, grief and loss as betrayal, capture, torture and crucifixion – death take place. Our Lord Jesus, beloved, brother, teacher and friend harmed by the very world He comes to save. The events of the first Easter bring us to inner… Read More »

Daisy Chain poem

Said Naomi to RuthRuth, my life is more bitterMore bitter than yoursYours is to growTo grow and to goTo go where God leadsLeads your heart and your soul.Soul-mates are we, said sheSaid she to her mother-in-lawMother and daughter, in lawIn law, but free in their love and embracingEmbracing God in their journeyingTheir journeying, both bitter… Read More »

Ships Bell

Oranges and lemons sing the bells of St Clements…Let the bells ring out for Christmas…I hear wedding bells ringing…For whom the bell tolls…   Bells play a significant part in many of our feasts and ceremonies in this land and beyond, in all kinds of institutions – schools, military, faith – and are used for… Read More »

Where do we go now Lord?

When the twilights lengthening shadows have become piercing and unforgiving darkness – where do we go now Lord? When the songs of the mother and child turn from rock-a-bye baby lullaby to grievous lament – where do we go now Lord? When the prayers of the young healthy man feel singularly small, lost and hapless… Read More »